This blog was created in order to gather all the scattered information about the crag "Etoile Noire" and to include the most recent routes. However, you are strongly encouraged to contribute to the equipment by buying the new guide as soon as it is published.

In this blog, you will find information about:
  • the list of routes, among which I made a very subjective choice of the most recommandable ones (written in red in the list). 
The cliffs are made of sandstone. Predominant styles are cracks, aretes, slabs, and slightly overhanging walls. A picture gallery will show you the style of Etoile Noire.

    Some pages were not translated into English, in order to help you practise your French. Nevertheless, those pages are quite easy to understand.

    Access is restricted between 1st of June till 30th September, because of high risks of fire.
    Levels of danger are estimated every day, by area, at 6pm for the next day. You can get that information from a vocal server (0811 20 13 13) or from the website of Préfecture des Bouches du Rhône.
    • Orange level :  access is authorized all day long.
    • Red level       :  access is authorized from 6am till 11am.
    • Black level    :  access is strictly forbidden.

    For any personal request or comment about this blog, you may contact me by e-mail : florian.fichot@gmail.com